An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Holy moly, it's already December. Thanks for those who voted on where I went in August  November. If you missed out on the people's ...

An Opportune Moment: Como

Holy moly, it's already December. Thanks for those who voted on where I went in August November. If you missed out on the people's choice suburbs, you can check those all out here

We now return to your regular programming. Some people get upset when I only touch a small portion of a suburb. They will get upset by this post. 


After walking twelve million kilometres through Oatley, I walked across the Old Como Bridge, finding myself in this Sutherland Shire suburb. You can see a few more pictures of this unique bridge in the Oatley post too. 

After getting shaken down, this sign confirmed that I was now in The Shire. 

The bridge led me down to this pleasantly wooded foot- and cycle-path,

which is the way down to Como Marina, 

and if you carry on a little more, 

the humorously named Como Pleasure Grounds. 

Pleasure Grounds in this context really just means park. 

This park, however, is actually pretty great,  

with spots to hang out along the river, 

and a bit you can swim in too. 

There's also a more traditional swimming pool, 

and a picnic area and playground.

How pleasurable. 

With that checked off the list, I left the park to see what else I could find. 

Next to the park - a sports oval, 

more water views, 

and a generally green environment. 

I hit the road, 

passing some well-kept homes, 

and the Como Hotel, a beautiful heritage pub with railings up the wazoo. 

I continued on, 

passing what used to be an old-school butcher,

this nice bush (brightly coloured berries means "eat" right?)

and houses in what seems to be Como's relaxed style. 

This one looks like a stereotypical Mexican house that you might see in an American TV Show. 

I continued through this pleasantly leafy suburb,

meeting Pacman,

a superbly painted preschool,

the kind of house that is in my mind's eye when singing A Home Among the Gumtrees, 

and some sort of ghoul. 

That ghoul is actually guarding Como station, 

from where I was able to hop on a train (and then a bus) to head to Bangor for a mandated bushwalk. 

Como: Thanks for letting me drop by.