An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's another  Western Sydney suburb. It's interesting, but not in a way that would particularly encourage a visit. Chullora

Visiting your Packages: Chullora

Here's another Western Sydney suburb. It's interesting, but not in a way that would particularly encourage a visit.


I last left you bitterly disappointed in Yagoona. Well Chullora is next door. It roughly starts at this clothing donation bin that somebody left a single tiny shoe outside. 

So what's Chullora's story? 

Chullora is an entirely industrial suburb. It's where things get done. For instance, it's got a large RSPCA Animal Shelter. 

But more commonly, it's got things that look like this.

As a result, it's also got footpaths that look like this, meaning I'm pretty much the only person to go strolling through the place. 

No matter. 

One thing you may not be aware of is that Chullora's got its very own Big Thing. Here's the Big Bicycle, made of recycled parts. It's supposed to be in front of a recycling centre, but I'm not sure if that centre's still here as there's no signage and the bike's sitting in a fair bit of overgrown shrubbage. 

Continuing along, I found industrial sites and smells. For instance, 

some trucks,

distribution centres, 

a Volkswagen office,

and most importantly, the Tip Top Bakery.

This isn't much of a site to look at, but boy does it smell good. Definitely a welcome change to the otherwise less-than-pleasant smells of this industrial suburb. 

Interestingly, across the road from the bakery is a Tafe. I'm imagining the torture of taking an evening class here where you haven't had dinner yet, and the smell of the bread factory is wafting in through an open window. I don't know how these people get anything done. 

Another somewhat interesting thing about Chullora is the amount of discarded crap you find on the side of the road. 

And I'm not talking about this pest control trailer that's stolen their logo from Kung Fu Panda. 

But no, for instance, I found some discarded doors, 

a spot where someone's sat on the side of the road and eaten an entire sampler of Ferrero Rocher after a hard day at the factory, 

and a cucumber. Do you know the strangest thing about this cucumber? I touched it and it was still firm, which means this was a fresh cucumber that someone's picked up from a green grocer and then left out on the footpath. I'd been out walking for about 10km so far today so it was actually starting to look pretty refreshing. 

But no, I didn't stop to eat some street cucumber or some factory fresh cheese and yoghurt. 

Instead, I headed past a StarTrack and Australia Post distribution centre. 

If you've ever seen those screenshots on the internet where some guy's package has taken a tour of Australia, stopping at Chullora a couple dozen times, it was probably sitting on one of these trucks. (Here's one example I quite enjoy from 2017.)

From here I didn't have much left to pass by other than this extra large bus stop. 

Past this roundabout is my next suburb. 

Chullora: I should write a script on this website that occasionally redirects you to this post when you're halfway through reading about another suburb. 


  1. the refreshing cucumber part was funny :)

  2. Thrilling! Thanks for the tour. This is why the speed limit is 80km through here.

  3. This is a fabulously hilarious post. Amazing that a suburb could consist of nothing but these industrial/commercial sites. Impressive that not even more has been dumped here, since nobody is likely to care (in my street, night dumpers are chased vigorously by anti-dumpers). But most importantly, I now know what to visualize when I get that 'Being Processed At Chullora' notice for my parcels. You provide a true service to Sydneysiders!

  4. Love this post! Waiting, waiting for our parcels. In transit ..........