An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Finally, we take a rest from the west for a cheese-filled stop in the North Shore . Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do everything I wan...

Fondue House: Neutral Bay

Finally, we take a rest from the west for a cheese-filled stop in the North Shore. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do everything I wanted in this suburb, but sometimes that's how it goes. 

Neutral Bay

Take a short bus from Wynyard across the Harbour Bridge and you just might end up in Neutral Bay. This is what I did today, arriving at the wide and busy Military Road along with Mrs Completing Sydney.

The bus dropped me off by this lost bird poster,

and a strangely fancy Liquorland (this is the North Shore after all). 

From here I was able to take a stroll through Neutral Bay's commercial core,

although a suburb centre with a huge road running through it is never the most appealing place to be. 

This walk revealed the local pub, 

some artsy electrical boxes, 

and a proud corner building, 

as well as this pleasingly paved side street.

But ultimately, Neutral Bay CBD boasts the kind of services you can find in any suburban CBD - places to eat,

a charity shop or two, 

with unique wares, 

and a vet, 

with obligatory adorable pictures. 

But it also hosts a few things you're less likely to expect.

Such as the world's skinniest alleyway,

a little urban park,

complete with putt-putt-esque hills, 

and shipping container, 

a 24 hour eatery (which is sadly a rarity in this city), 

and a shopping centre with a wonderfully 1992 aesthetic. 

Other highlights over here include a few interesting frontages, 

and, more uniquely, this May Gibbs mural and plaza. 

As well as showing off the "whacky" artstyle from Gibbs' books, 

this spot also acts as an ad for Nutcote, May Gibbs' house in neighbouring Kurraba Point which is now a museum of sorts. Incidentally, I visited her house in the Kurraba Point post, so go check that out if you're interested. 

From here, it was time to head to the reason I came to Neutral Bay in the first place, 

and it wasn't to shop at eBay,

it was to eat fondue. 

So this day was Mrs Completing Sydney and I's anniversary, and to celebrate, we thought we'd go out for something nicer than we usually would. This meant chosing this place called CJ's Restaurant, 

a French place, 

for an extreme amount of fondue. 


Course one: cheese and white wine fondue with crusty French bread. Cheesy. 

Course two: beef and chicken, served raw, with dipping sauces, 

that you deep fry at your table. Meaty. 

Good chips too.

And course three (and let's be honest, why we're here): chocolate fondue with fruit and marshallows. 


After a deliciously interactive meal, the plan was to waddle down through residential Neutral Bay by moonlight, documenting some of the beautiful old homes in the suburb and taking a wonderful night time ferry back into the city. 

Unfortuntely, due to it being Sydney's 2022 monsoon season, the heavens opened up and decided to bucket Neutral Bay down with La Niña's finest. 

Having seen Titanic, I knew Mrs Completing Sydney would leave me to freeze to death while she floated to safety on a door, which unfortunately meant bussing it home instead from these quaint Neutral Bay bus stands. 

Ah well.

Neutral Bay: Doesn't matter, had fondue. 


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  2. Fondue! How 70s. I gave my fondue set away years ago and now I read that it's making a come-back. BTW...that's the skinniest shipping container that I've ever seen. Thanks for taking the bus ride. (I deleted my previous response as there were typos).

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! (however many days/weeks ago it was)