An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

It's time to head to South Sydney for a suburb I know nothing about.  Allawah

Allawhat: Allawah

It's time to head to South Sydney for a suburb I know nothing about. 


Like many Sydney suburbs I know nothing about, I caught a 26 minute train from Central in to Allawah today. The station looks something like this: 

With an interesting looking pub on the other side of the tracks, 

I headed out streetside through this particularly long ramp. 

This dropped me off at a small and very brown commercial strip, complete with giant Coke can, 

and that rather pretty pub from before. 

From here, I started an uphill journey parallel to the train line, past some apartments of various vintages, 

and even a synagogue. 

From here, I headed away from the railway line and into the suburb proper. 

It turns out that many Allawites live in twentieth century brick walkups. 

It's not flashy, but it's a pleasant enough place to be with plenty of large trees lining the road. 

Scenes from the wild streets of Allawah. 

Continuing on, 

the suburb eventually changed, with the brick apartments being replaced with modest single houses of a similar era, 

apart from the occasional more modern redevelopment. 

Without any fuss whatsoever, I found myself at this small suburb's borders and continued towards my next.

Allawah: A good looking pub, a giant Coke can, and some regular suburbia.


  1. I've heard that the pub is colloquially referred to by locals as "The Wah" but I don't know if they were just pulling my leg lol.

    1. Can confirm it's referred to as 'the Wah'.