An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's me casually checking off another Shire suburb. Gymea Bay

Bayday: Gymea Bay

Here's me casually checking off another Shire suburb.

Gymea Bay

You may be shocked to learn that Gymea Bay borders my previous suburb of Grays Point

Today was mostly a quick drop-in because I was in the area, kicking things off at a very green residential street. 

Here, you can live in a tiny house full of books 

(I assume it's part of 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓔𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓮).

Books in this street library weren't anything too interesting other than this book on raising boys, named Raising Boys. I assume this means that any gents I run into in this suburb will be wise, generous men of integrity. 

I then carried onto what appears to be this suburb's main point of interest. Accessible from this quiet suburban street, 

is Gymea Bay Baths. 

You can drive in, but the street down is a vertical single lane driveway, so you may just want to park on the street instead. 

After descending the hill through rather lush surroundings, 

you find the folks that don't mind driving down vertical one-lane driveways, 

and the path into the baths themselves.

Looking promising. 

Sadly, on my visit the baths themselves were closed due to the recent rains (although they might be back open by now). 

Regardless, the spot is still super pretty. 

Backtracking through the bushy surrounds, 

and up the vertical road, 

led me back onto the street. 

From, here I skipped ahead to another bit of the suburb, passing by the supremely quiet local shops, 

and deeper into suburbia,

settling at this corner store and cafe. 

Sadly, my camera forgot to focus when I took a shot of the corner store itself. If you squint it looks like it's in focus. 

Here, I took a short stroll around residential Gymea Bay to see what I could see. Unsurprisingly, the answer is relatively modern,

and relatively well-to-do houses. 

Even the older ones are in good nick. 

This is pleasant (albeit rather car-dependent) suburbia, 

on green lands. 

Bonus roofy boi obstructed by both trees and sun. 


My last stop on the way out of this suburb is the public school. I normally wouldn't bother taking a photo of a school because they don't tend to be too interesting, but this isn't the case for Gymea Bay Public. 

For instance, they have this cow. 

Here's it looking at me. 

They also have this mural with LCD banner board. That's right, that "we are learning" sign is actually a screen with moving images. How swish. 

There's also an anti-gendered-violence wall. Admittedly unusual for a primary school, but it prompted me to do a bit of reading on the White Ribbon Website, so maybe you'd like to do the same

After poking around Gymea Bay's baths, suburbia and periphery of the school, I was ready to continue on with my (sadly, suburbless) day. 

Gymea Bay: Who wants to swim in the middle of winter anyway. 

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  1. Gymea Baths are charming, but often polluted, and there are sometimes 20 fishermen hurling baited hooks in the water. But as you note, a very nice outlook and that reserve (Coonon Creek) leading into the baths is lovely. There are buses along Gymea Bay Road, which lead to the station, so the suburb is not bereft of public transport. Anyway, your blog gives a delightful overview of the whole little peninsula.