An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

For another opportunistic bit of suburbsing, come along with me to Sydney's North . Normanhurst

Leafy Life: Normanhurst

For another opportunistic bit of suburbsing, come along with me to Sydney's North.


Normanhurst is a suburb that sits immediately south of heavyweight Hornsby. 

I was here on a gloomy-skied day for a friend's dinner party, which naturally means squeezing in a bit of suburbsing on the way.  

I got in today via rail and

replacement bus,

and decided to poke my head into the shopping strip just south of the station as my first port of call. 

Not unexpectedly for a rainy weekend afternoon, the Normanhurst shops were a bit of a ghost town on my visit,

leaving me to be entertained by this wet waiting area, 

rather sad sign,

and Valentine's Day gone wrong. 

Crossing back to where I started, it was time to head north into the very green residential Normanhurst to see what I could see. 

Naturally, the answer is houses. 

Adorable old houses it turns out, 

with the occasional new one to kill the vibe. 

There's also building materials available for collection (or being stored on the nature strip, depending on which narrative you prefer), 

and some particularly bouncy looking hedgerows. 

Continuing along, 

revealed that Normanhurstians are indeed quite liberal with their building supplies.

It is perhaps for this reason that the council has put up a sign asking folks not to dig up the road. 

Apart from these quirks however, suburban Normanhurst seems fairly standard for this part of Sydney with its green surrounds and well-kept homes. 

Bonus car with the number plate "HOTDOG". 

Other points of interest include this fancy mailbox, 

this wild butterfly, 

and a bushwalk you can take (this one is Waitara Creek Walking Track). Due to my other commitments (and the fact that this path takes you out of Normanhurst), I didn't try out this walk today. 

I also found this cute little street library, complete with log-chair, 

and instruction manual. 

The house I was heading to today was just outside of Normanhurst's borders. 

On these final steps of Normanhurst is this house with no roof, 

this house that's only roof, 

and someone who really loves the Christmas spirit. 

I carried on through suburbia, soon entering another suburb for my dinner party. 

Normanhurst: Sydney's number 1 spot for stealing street-side building materials. 

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  1. It's a bit of an odd one. In the not-too-distant past it would have been working class, even considered semi-rural. Now, urban sprawl means it's basically metropolitan Sydney and house prices have shot up, it's semi-affluent. One of my clients there showed me his parents' mortgage paperwork from the 60's. They bought a 4bdr house for $10k-ish and had it paid off in 6 years. Now worth around $2.5M. People like to congratulate themselves on such things but, the truth is, had anyone really anticipated such growth they'd have bought 10 houses in the one street!