An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

After attempting to walk across Sydney , we now return to our regular programming with a suburb down in The Shire .  Grays Point

Bush Retreat: Grays Point

After attempting to walk across Sydney, we now return to our regular programming with a suburb down in The Shire

Grays Point

Grays Point sits in Sydney's far south, just north of the Royal National Park

Getting in is through roads that look like this, 

with views like this. 

I decided to kick things off in this little neighbourhood park. 

This is also the location of the local emergency services. 

From the park, it was time to take a stroll, 

past this cactus, 

and the exceedingly bushy surrounds. 

It turns out that all this time I was on Mansion Point Road, 

which I suppose explains these houses on the street corner. 

Continuing on, 

the suburb offered up plenty of ooh-ahh moments, 

and the mandatory "garage with a view". 

On the map, it looked like there was a public point with some water access at the end of this peninsular street (which, incidentally, can be accessed by turning off a road named Peninsular Road). 

The street ends here, 

but not before passing this delightful house, 

and I made my way into the woods. 

This turned out to be a short, riverside bushwalk, 

at rapidly descending altitude, 

to eventually reach a quiet riverside beach. 

This spot is pretty and rather serene, but is hardly accessible. It also turned out not to be the "proper" way to enjoy the public space of Grays Point. 

That way is actually at Swallow Rock Reserve, a few streets away and accessible without any bushwalk required. 

This is the one with an actual carpark, 

an actual picnic area, 

and similar water views. 

Definitely the more friendly option, even if you won't be to yourself here. 

On the way out of Grays Point, I poked my head into the local shopping strip, 

comprised almost entirely of a classic Aussie takeaway,

and a cafe, 

and headed off to another suburb.

Grays Point: Your own little bush retreat. 


  1. What a lovely spot! So many in Sydney :)

  2. Looks really nice. Tucked away too.