An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My gallivanting  through Sydney's Hills District continues with the residential suburb of... Kellyville Kellyville is only a short...

House Factory: Kellyville

My gallivanting through Sydney's Hills District continues with the residential suburb of...


Kellyville is only a short drive from my previous suburb of Castle Hill. I decided to start my exploration of this suburb by heading to the thing I know most about Kellyville - Homeworld.

I Google-mapped my way there and parked on the street once I found the sign and flags proudly advertising their Wide World of Home.

But, as usual, I was immediately distracted by ducks. These were even better than the Castle Hill ones! Ducks are my jam, OK?
Come for the homes, stay for the ducks

I very shortly realised that I had parked too early to get into Homeworld and I became perhaps the first person in history to enter Homeworld by foot.

This sign at the entry gates lets you know that pissing about is discouraged. Please check your cats, your scooters and cats riding scooters at the door.

Anyway. for those who don't know, Homeworld is basically where you go if you've got a block of land in suburbia and want someone to build a house on it. It's set up like a small suburb where you can go inside and view a bunch of new houses so that you can get one built just like it.

I don't know when it became the style to make all houses the same shades of grey and beige. Sadly, it doesn't appear that you can get the Darth Vader house that I found in Brighton Le Sands.

Here's the ugliest one I found.

As someone who likes cars, I did notice something interesting about this place though; almost every vehicle fit into one of two categories, either a very sensible few-years-old Toyota or the exact opposite, an expensive luxury SUV. Each to their own (equity) I suppose.

I managed to escape this place without entering into any debt and headed back to where I had parked.

I planned to cross to the other side of the very wide Windsor Road in order to take a look at a church that sat there. Luckily there was a big and brand new pedestrian crossing bridge.

Unluckily, it was closed for some reason. Thanks guys.

I managed to eventually do the pain-in-the-arse "walk down the road until the fence dividing both sides of the road disappeared, run across the main road when a gap in traffic opened up and walk back to the point where I started, but now on the other side" manoeuvre.

Here I found a pathway which led up a bushy hill.


This is "The Franciscan Shrine of the Holy Innocents." I don't know anything about it but it's nice looking, with a reasonably large "grounds" covered in many biblical statues and the building itself sitting in the centre, elevated.

I hopped back in the car (I may or may not have squeezed through the closed off fence on that pedestrian bridge) and went for a drive around this very large suburb.

I passed a tonne of brand new houses and housing developments (perhaps the Homeworld to-be?)

And the exact opposite, this graffiti'd shack on a big empty piece of land. 

I continued on and arrived at a recreational area. This is Bernie Mullane, which is a sports complex (and probably some dude as well).

Old mate Bernie holds some sports facilities including these soccer pitches where a woman's soccer game was in process.

And is also a generally nice place to be. 

This was the first "real" thing I'd seen in Kellyville that gave the real sense of community that amateur weekend sports provide a place. 

Apparently this is also the home of the Kellyville Kolts (Klub).

Kellyville: Come for the ducks, stay for ???

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