An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's the fourth and final stop in the  Bondi family. This one is perhaps the least known of all of the Bondis. Let's explore. No...

Decoration: North Bondi

Here's the fourth and final stop in the Bondi family. This one is perhaps the least known of all of the Bondis. Let's explore.

North Bondi

As you may expect, North Bondi is north of Bondi. The suburb's bounds are approximately at these cement fish and chickens. 

From where you can catch your final glimpses at Bondi Beach before moving on. 
Following the pavement into the suburb leads you to the kids' paddling pool,
remnants of the Titanic,
and an attractive coastal outcrop.
With only so many ways I can say "look, the beach", I headed uphill through the waterside Biddigal Reserve to start on the rest of North Bondi.
In this reserve, I met Nessie of Bondi,  
and a sad swing set,
before arriving in suburban North Bondi. You may not be surprised to learn that things here are pretty fancy, from the glass-a-riffic beach houses, 
to the art deco flats. 
And the aquatic glimpses between the blocks remind you why.
Following the curving residential street,
I soon hit another waterside reserve. 
Head to the second storey of the reserve, 
and you are treated to dramatic views of the deep blue ocean, as far as the eye can see. 
A photogenic suburb so far.
Retreating from the cliffs, I continued on through the suburb, to find plenty more interesting North Bondi habitations, from the modern and flashy, to the classic and charming. 
This suburb is really up there for interesting houses. 
Having spent some time enjoying the suburbia and the sea, I had one more point of interest to check out. To get there, I had to head uphill.
Where I was trying to get to seemed to be tucked inside a golf course. As such, I suspected I may not be able to visit it today, with my scruffy Covid-beard meaning I wasn't going to blend in in an Eastern Suburbs golf club.
Still, I headed up the road to see what I might be able to see. I made a friend along the way.
For my efforts, I was rewarded with an unfenced path into the course. That's good enough for me to assume I'm allowed to be there.
Heading in, I made another friend,
and continued to my "go-here" beacon ahead. 
This led me to some Aboriginal rock engravings of fish, similar to what we saw back in Tamarama.
And, as we saw, behind the carvings they've got one of these,
near which are more dramatic sandstone cliffs over the ocean. 
Nice grounds too.
After enjoying my first foray into the golfing world, I was now at liberty to begin heading out of the suburb. 
This took me past this house owned by a sunflower, 
some attractive streetscapes,
and even a little bit of street art. 
This walk took me back into my previous suburb, where I was able to catch a bus out of the Bondis.
North Bondi: Cliffs, fancy houses, and even a pointy thing in a golf course.


  1. North Bondi looks cool.. some unique houses and sweet views too