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It's been a bit of time since I last covered a suburb that's mainly just about "look, it's pretty". Here's a solid...

The Quiet Neighbour: Tamarama

It's been a bit of time since I last covered a suburb that's mainly just about "look, it's pretty". Here's a solid example of that as any.


If you're like me, Tamarama's that little beach you pass through when you're doing the Bondi-to-Coogee Walk. Unlike normally, to get here today I walked through residential Bondi instead. 

Rather than the dramatic cliffs and blue seas of the gorgeous coastal walk, my route brought me in through alleyways and parked cars instead. 
But the sea isn't far from here, as evidenced by views from this brick apartment's carpark.
Continuing through some stairs allowed things to open up a little bit more,
with the enticing ocean being the only map I needed (apart from the one on my phone, of course).
These stairs lead down to Tamarama Park and Gully. 
Here, I was expecting to see something similar to the lovely little waterfall I was taken to in Bronte
But instead some very green grass,
and a tucked away picnic spot was the reward,
as well as some leaky rocks. I guess, that's the gully bit. 
But worry not, nobody comes to Tamarama for its inland park anyway, so I backtracked towards the shore for what we're all here for.
On the way out, I passed by some wealthy looking dwellings.
And a sign with a really pretty bird on it. 
Nearly there.
Keep heading downhill and east and you'll soon hit a coastal picnic spot,
which was understandably quiet today, since I came mid-week. 
Made it.
Unlike its more famous neighbours, Tamarama's quite a small beach, being barely 100 metres wide. It hasn't got bars, restaurants or even a fish and chip shop on its shores, but if you need all that, you'd head to another beach. What it does have however, is what we come to expect from Sydney beaches. White sand, blue water, and crashing waves, with cliffs on each side allowing for some solid views.
Of course, it would be practically illegal to come here and not take the coastal walk to the next suburb, so on I went, starting at the surf club and this pleasingly blue exercise area.
I don't really need to say much here.
Despite being a born-and-raised Sydneysider, I never tire of our city's coastal walks.
Any amateur geologists in my readership?
This is the bit where I make a decision, do I risk boring you, the reader, with endless pictures of this walk? 
Apparently I do.
One thing I never realised before, despite coming here many times, is that there are Aboriginal rock engravings etched into the stone by the original Tamaramans, the Dharawal People. The engraving isn't the easiest to see, so I'll instead direct you to the CSIRO website where you can read more about these carvings, including some more images and diagrams. 
Continue your walk, and you are greeted with sweeping views of the next beach and suburb.
Tamarama: Some eye-candy for your Thursday.