An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My traversal through the Bondis continues, with the Bondi that people actually care about.  Bondi Beach

Paparazzi: Bondi Beach

My traversal through the Bondis continues, with the Bondi that people actually care about. 

Bondi Beach

There are three main ways to get to Bondi Beach (well, four if you count swimming in from New Zealand), drive, bus or walk. Coming from neighbouring Tamarama, I chose the final option.

Standing on the cliffs marking the end of Tamarama and the start of the suburb of Bondi Beach, the sweeping sands ahead of you mean the way to go is clear.

Taking the stairs down, 
you're treated to a geologist's delight, with waves crashing against the rocks dramatically,
sandstone walls to follow,
with a few water features for feng shui.
In fact, the sandstone features along the walk to the beach are arguably as impressive as the ocean ahead of you. 
Not that the ocean isn't impressive.
After not too intense a walk, I arrived at the shores of Bondi Beach, where the cool weather, mid-week visit and plague made for a much smaller than usual crowd.
If water and sand isn't really your thing, you can instead go for a stroll along the footpaths,
sit on an impressive grassy slope,
or view the local murals.
Climb the slope,
and you'll arrive at street level. Perhaps due to Bondi's fame, the streetscape here is a much more commercial one than average, with shops, restaurants and fast food joints all along the road. 
This means it's easy to grab some food to enjoy on the grass.
I instead continued inland to explore further, taking this plaza
and arriving at this clothes line. 
Continuing along, I passed some Eastern Suburbs standards such as beauty stores and pricy looking clothing shops,
as well as somewhere to buy sourdough and fancy soap.
But nobody really comes to Bondi Beach to explore off the shores,
so I returned shoreside via this impressive hotel. 
And this supremely nondescript block.
I was actually close to the border into my next suburb from here, so on I went. This took me past some hacker-spec electrical boxes,
the back side of the Bondi Pavilion,
and the worrying long line for the drive-thru Covid clinic.
Avoiding that, I followed the road east, where I found an impressively eclectic collection of apartments, 
and the northeastern side of Bondi Beach (the beach, not the suburb. But also the suburb I guess). 
This spot marks the end of this suburb, and the start of my next. 
Bondi Beach: World famous, but not so different from our other beaches. 


  1. I hope they keep the older blocks of flats that have character from different time periods, but my guess is that "progress" and greed will see their demise. Hopefully someone puts historical value on them.

    1. I love the old buildings scattered around, they add so much flavour to a suburb.

  2. Another classic. I love this blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Another great post. Thank you Yaz