An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I've toured around the world, from Kogarah to The Bay. Kogarah Bay

Extravagant Bouquet: Kogarah Bay

I've toured around the world, from Kogarah to The Bay.

Kogarah Bay

Kogarah Bay is another Southern Sydney suburb. It borders neither Kogarah, nor my previous suburb Allawah. As a result, I had to take a short trip through neighbouring Carlton (a suburb I've already covered) to reach the suburb's bounds. 

Crossing the main Princes Highway, I started on the suburb through this scruffy commercial corner,

which immediately turns residential. 

Here, I saw many a few things, namely a discarded box of Christmas decorations, 

and a bunch of houses,

both small and large, 

but mostly quite expensive looking (although, this being Sydney, literally anything is expensive looking). 

Through this relatively short walk, the Bay bit of Kogarah Bay started to make itself known, with a bit of glistening blue in the distance. Naturally, this is where I headed,

passing a quiet suburban cafe, 

and plenty more houses along the way. 

Some of these houses have an interesting style,

and some are just straight up flashy mansions. 

At the end of the street, a small waterside reserve. 

While this bay off of the Georges River isn't quite at Sydney Harbour levels, you can't help but enjoy a bit of quiet, waterside public space under an Aussie blue sky.  

And with a few seagulls sailing by. 

With Kogarah Bay bay ticked off, I was now free to continue exploring this affluent suburb. 

Past the increasingly extravagant houses, 

and complementary European metal.

I continued on, 

finding another waterside reserve, 

this one with beach access (of sorts). 

Similar to my sentiments at the previous reserve, this shore isn't quite Bondi or Manly

but it is still an exceedingly pleasant spot tucked in an anotherwise unknown patch of suburbia. 

Some of the fancy houses even have this as their backyard. 

At the end of this small beach is a canal with views of my next suburb. 

Not too keen to swim there, I returned to the street, 

past more megahouses, 

and to this bridge over the previously shown canal. 

I continued to my next suburb.

Kogarah Bay: Like Kogarah, but with one more bay, and one less Bruce Lee statue.